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The expressiveness of Rie Okabayashi's art lies in her ability to weave color and texture together into deeply layered works. A designer and artist who utilizes many media, she's presented her various works with Japanese sumi on an international scale, from Vladivostok to Paris, Melbourne to New York. Her pieces run a wide gamut, sometimes bold and expressive, other times quiet and subdued, but no matter the style she chooses for a particular piece, you can be sure it will be evocative.

Japanese / English
1990 Gallery Jurai in Chiba.
1991 Gallery Art Plaza in Tokyo.
1997 Galerie.F.Charpentier in Paris France,
Chung Art Gallery in Seoul, Korea,
1998 "Flower of the world" International Women's exhibition
Primorskaya State Art Gallery in Vladivostok, Russia.
Matsuya Ginza Art Gallery in Tokyo.
1999 Art Expo'99 in New York, U.S.A.
Gallery Chiki in Tokyo.
2000 International Women's Exhibition Dong Dok Gallery in Seoul Korea,
Gallery Garaku, Omiya Saitama,
Isetan Art Gallery, Urawa,
Gallery Akaikutu in Ageo.
2001 Commission for Large wall mural "Hibiki" at Hibarigaoka School 50 years anniversary Building "Kokutennsha" in Takarazuka Hyougo,
Daimaru Tokyo Art Gallery in Tokyo,
Gallery Vorant in Funabashi
Int. Women of the World Exhibition Ballarat Fine Art Gallery in Ballarat, Australia.
Tobu Art Gallery in Funabashi Chiba, Gallery Raku in Ota Gunma.
Gallery Shu in Kyoto, 2001.
Mira Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
2002 OBP Art Exhibition Special Project "The chain of sumi"
2003 Collaboration Exhibition "Jardin" Matuzakaya Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.
Organized The 4th ICWA Exhibition Setagaya Art Museum ,Tokyo.
2004 Stage design for Wacoal Autumn Winter Collection in Tokyo
Stage design for dance performance "La Traviata"
2005 Solo Exhibition Art Gallery of Isetan in Tokyo
2006 Solo Exhibition Art Gallery of Isetan in Tokyo.
2007 Solo Exhibition Art Gallery of Isetan in Shizuoka.
2009 Publication of her calligraphy & essay series, “Start of a Dream,”
on K+ newspaper by The Kochi Shinbun (-2010)
2010 Production of various installation art and environmental art
2013 Production of art work, “Air (Ki),” for the entrance hall and lobby of Ikejiri Ohashi
Cross Air Tower (Tokyo, Japan)
Solo exhibition at Gallery Goto (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 Group exhibition at Gallery Natsu (Toyama, Japan)
Solo exhibition at Wa Space (Tokyo Japan) (14/Jun/14 – 10/Jul/14)
International Women’s Art Exhibition, “Flowers Of The World,” at Gallery Mokhovaya-18 (St. Petersburg, Russia) (6/Oct/14 – 20/Oct/14)
East & West Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)(06/Nov-24/Dec)
2015 Gallery Tokunokura (Tokyo, Japan)(06/Feb.-22/Feb)